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Invisi Tape Weft Extensions

These are the latest innovation in hair extensions. They are totally undetectable as they are hand tied skin wefts that appear to be coming from your scalp.

They look natural and lay flat to the head making them perfect for any bride-to-be’s wanting that extra va-va-voom for their big day or allowing extra thickness that can still be put up without any tell tell bonds showing through. They last up to 6 weeks so taking you all through to the honeymoon and then some!

They can be re-used up to 3 applications as the hair is 100% natural remy hair meaning the quality is excellent and can be curled/straightened as normal.


Micro Ring Extensions

Micro Rings are a good way of adding length and volume without using damaging glue on the hair. They are applied by adding single strands of a hair through a non-detectable silicone padded ring.

Cushioning your own hair in-between the strand and the ring they can last up to 12 weeks before needing to be moved up again for a maintenance appointment. These are great for someone wanting a longer lasting hair extension experience whilst still being gentler on the hair than glued methods.